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London Edge

I was lucky enough to go to London Edge last month and catch a glimpse of all the Spring/Summer collections from the top leading brands in the alternative fashion industry. 

Having been an avid fan of Collectif for years, I obviously made a beeline for their stand and set up camp for quite some time admiring all the new prints and pieces! Dolls, you are going to love what’s coming! 

From their classic staples, like polka dots and ginghams, to pastel border prints and holographic jackets – there is truly something for everyone.

Ice Cream Dress and Pastel Rainbow Skirt

The ice cream dress has just launched I’m happy to say! Go grab one while you can (I have one winging its way to me).

Collectif Holographic Jacket, gingham shirt and pastel blue Maddie trousers

A little note about all the gorgeous new prints which you’ll notice as you start to receive them is they all have the Collectif brand logo on them now. Hidden pretty well in a complimentary colour, when I asked about this (as I don’t normally like having the brand on my clothing), I was told it’s to prevent copies being made using their prints, which I completely understood and support.

Along with the SS18 collection, there was a good selection of the Autumn/Winter season to preview and the pic above is from that. Full of vibrant reds, greens and blacks, along with some really gorgeous autumnal and cool novelty prints.  Lots of new coats which I am a huge fan of (already owning quite a few) in maroon, black and red, a red Anjelica velvet dress (this is a must have dress which I adore and have in the black already), a black velvet caped coat with stars on (to match the velvet star printed full length dress they’ll be launching).  We will be truly spoilt! 

AW18 goodies
Autumnal prints with woodland scenes
Velvet Star Cape Coat
Matching dress

Also on display were the accessories by Lulu Hun and Collectif. My favourites included a palm and lobster bag, novelty sandals and the cute watermelon umbrella.

Here are a few more pics from the day with the SS18 collection on the rails – enjoy!

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