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Collectif Jenna Dungarees Review

First of all, oh my gawd, how cute is the black palm embroidery on these? To be honest, as soon as I saw that, I was sold! For someone who wasn’t a dungarees-wearing kinda chick, I now have quite a few Collectif pairs and I love each pair. 

Palm tree embroidery detail

I think my fear previously with dungarees was that, because I’m petite, I’d end up looking more like a kid than an adult, but with the Collectif range that never seems to happen because of their great finishing details.

The Jenna dungarees are made of a gorgeous cotton twill fabric. Anyone that has the old Franky trousers (I have them and am besotted with them) will recognise it as a similar fabric – thicker than a normal cotton making them feel more structured and a little bit of stretch in it too.

It has a gathered and tucked bust line which is amazing and definitely elevates them from any other dungarees. The neckline swoops around giving a lovely line and can be worn with a thin top underneath in cooler weather or without any if it’s warmer. I’m personally loving it just as it is! 

Gathered bust detail

I don’t usually wear red against my top half as I don’t like the clash with my hair usually, but these are the exception! Look at that glorious, vibrant, red! The fit is bang on true to size for me and the adjustable straps are perfect for accommodating a range of heights. 

There’s a side zip, pockets and the upper half is fitted to your body, with wide swing trousers. I highly recommend these, I can’t wait to wear these in the sunshine! The Jenna dungarees are available in sizes 6-22 and are £65. 

La Petite Pinup in the Collectif Jenna Dungarees

For reference, I’m 4’11” wearing 4 inch heels and have taken up the length. The inside leg measurement for a 10 is 31 inches. I’m a standard Collectif size 6. 

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